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LIVES CEO and Medical Director take on 50,000 step challenge to celebrate 50th Anniversary LIVES CEO and Medical Director take on 50,000 step challenge to celebrate 50th Anniversary

Lincolnshire charity LIVES is celebrating 50 years of responding to 999 emergencies and helping to save the lives of thousands of patients across the county. To help mark this milestone, LIVES Chief Executive, Nikki Cooke and Medical Director, Dr Simon Topham, are taking on a ‘stroll-a-thon’, aiming to dance 50,000 steps in a day for the ‘Stroll for your LIVES’ event.

The event, which will take place on Saturday 28th March at Hubberts Bridge Community Centre in Boston, is in collaboration with Boston Jive with founder, Claire Seabrook, also taking on the challenge.

The challenge will involve Nikki, Simon, Claire and anyone who wishes to join them to ‘stroll’ 50,000 steps in a single day. Stroll dancing became popular in the 1950s and is a form of line dancing with no partner needed.

In a 45 minute stroll class you will typically reach about 5,000 steps, so their 50,000 step target will require a full day of dancing.

Nikki Cooke, CEO of LIVES, said: “LIVES turning 50 is such an achievement and something Lincolnshire should be proud to celebrate. LIVES has come a long way since it started in 1970 but the core principles and passion remains the same. Taking on 50,000 steps in a day through stroll dancing is no mean feat but we’re looking forward to having fun and raising awareness of LIVES and the great work our army of Community First Responders and Medics do across Lincolnshire.”

Claire Seabrook, founder of Boston Jive, added: “We at Boston Jive are so proud to show our support for LIVES. We are extremely lucky to have this incredible service here in Lincolnshire and long may it continue! Hopefully our challenge will help raise more awareness as well as raise money for LIVES. We would love everyone to come along and join in, whether it's one of the smaller challenges, the full 50,000 or for an hour or two of dance. We may ache the next day but I'm sure it will be worth it!”