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Boston High School Boston High School

On January 24th 2020, five Boston High School students, Poppy Cooper, Paige Stedman, Olivia Green, Daniela Bringeman and Alex Barsby, went to Norwich to compete in the first Lego League: City Shaper tournament. They left with the Innovation Challenge Award!
The day did not start off very well with the team showing up late because of 2 road diversions. The first task that they did was core values. They were asked many questions about how they worked as a team and how they settled disagreements. Team leader Poppy said, ‘I think our team did splendid!’
The second task was robot design. They had to explain the design of their robot to three judges. They also showed one of their programmes to them. Paige said, ‘We didn’t really decorate our robot because we focused on function over form.’
The third task was the presentation of their innovation challenge. The group thought of, designed, and made, an energy producing playground. Olivia said, ‘The judges were very impressed. They said it was a brilliant idea to make producing energy fun.’
The fourth and final task was a challenge that they had to complete using the robot that they programmed. Alex said, ‘It was a fun experience!’ Daniela said, ‘It was very nerve-racking!’
Overall, the team had a great day and enjoyed every moment of it. Even better, they came away with the Innovation Challenge Award.